IPL 2020 in the midst of COVID-19

With the year 2020 is a worrying sign for many people around the globe, many would have wondered how this year would pass and the coming year will be?

It is still a question mark in the hearts of millions of diverse people. From early 2020 to date, so many events, celebrations, functions that were pre-planned with so much desire was either postponed to the future or got cancelled. In such chaos Indian Premier League, 2020 was one of the most important events which many cricket fans were eagerly waiting for it to start as planned on March 29, 2020, was then canceled due to unavoidable situations and considering the health and security reasons of the cricketers, people. As the months passed amid the Covid-19, the lockdown rules started to reduce in most of the Countries which added some energy, even the month of September arrived where the Indian Premier League Governing Council stated the Indian Premier League will start from September 19th and the finals will be played on November 10th, 2020 at the United Arab Emirates. The first match of the Indian Premier League is scheduled to take place between the finalist of last year finals which were Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Also, the match is going to witness Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is going to return to the field for the first time after announcing retirement from International Cricket. Salute to the doctors who are risking their lives and saving the lives of the patients in this critical time, and will hope in getting good news for the vaccine to cure Covid-19 to come and please join hands along with us in praying for the affected people in this situation who played the battle of Covid-19 in their lives. Thank you for your support and we will be back with the next post with the latest news on IPL-2020.