Know why dark theme is winning hearts…🖤

What ?

Dark mode/black mode is used to display mostly dark surfaces on your devices User Interface(UI).


  • Saves your devices energy for optimum use!
  • Reduces eye strain considerably because of this theme’s ability to reduce the light emitted .
  • Adjusts automatically at dark surroundings to provide comfort to your eyes.
  • Best blend of light text over dark background to provide a sense of relief to your eyes.
  • Increases readability of users because of the overall appearance .

Best way to reap maximum benefits ...

  • Never use pure black as your base .
  • Avoid using dark colour text over black themes.
  • Don’t use the same opacity for all text’s
  • Use a blend of your lightest primary colour with black as your base to provide a strain free experience for your users.
  •  Use a blend of desaturated  light colours to enhance your UI look.
  • Use correct opacity to differentiate text higlights.

App's and OS in dark mode

1. Whatsapp
2. Mac OS
3. Google Chrome


So what are you waiting for , change to black and get on track!!